Yobuko Morning Market

Ureshino Tea Exchange Hall Chaoshiru

Roumon Gate

Tosu Premium Outlets

Yutoku Inari Shrine

Hizen Hamashuku Sake Brewery Street


Huis Ten Bosch

Nagasaki Penguin Aquarium


Suizenji Garden


Barrel Valley PRAHA & GEN

Chiran Samurai Residence Garden




Harajiri Waterfall

Yufuin Shopping Street

Lake Kirin-ko


Tenjin Underground


1-night accommodation each at Takeo, Hitoyoshi and Beppu authentic Onsen Resort
Huis Ten Bosch Winter Illumination Festival
Beppu Hot Sand Bath
Footbath experience
Yame Traditional Craft Museum
DIY Washi Paper session


Takezaki Crab set lunch
Grilled Pork set lunch
8-course Kaiseki set dinner
Jigokumushi steamed lunch
Day 1

Assemble at Singapore Changi International Airport for your flight to Fukuoka, Kyushu’s largest city known for its ancient temples, beaches, and modern shopping malls. Upon arrival, head to Yobuko Morning Market, one of Japan’s three biggest morning markets where you can enjoy rows of fish and seafood freshly caught from the Sea of Japan, as well as great local food. Then, visit Ureshino Tea Exchange Hall Chaoshiru where you will learn about the history, brewing, and tasting process of Ureshino green tea.  Take a drive to the symbol of Takeo Onsen, Roumon Gate, a two-stories wooden building built without any nails and holds 1,300 years of history. End the day with a relaxing hot bath at a onsen resort in the onsen town of Takeo.

Meals On Board / Lunch / Japanese Set Dinner

Day 2

After breakfast, make your way to Yutoku Inari Shrine. Built into the steep hillside of a valley, it is considered one of Japan’s top three shrines dedicated to Inari. The contrast of the vivid vermillion colour of the buildings and the surrounding greenery is truly remarkable, whereas the main architecture is completely coated in lacquer. Embark on a brewery hopping trip at Hizen Hamashuku Sake Brewery Street, which is lined with imposing, traditional sake breweries offering samples to its visitors – you will definitely find your favorite sake! Wrap up your day with an impressive winter illumination at Huis Ten Bosch, which is crowned as one of Japan’s three major illumination sites

Breakfast / Takezaki Crab Set Lunch

Day 3

This morning, get up close with adorable penguins at Nagasaki Penguin Aquarium, boasting the largest variety of penguins in Japan with 9 out of 18 species that inhabit the world. Other marine life, including Mekong giant catfish, can be seen here as well. You may wish to feed the cuddly penguins with fishes at your own expense. Pamper your hardworking feet and feel any aches fading away with a footbath at Shimabara, a popular hot spring destination. Then, take a ferry to Kumamoto where you will proceed to Suizenji Garden, which is a spacious, traditional Japanese garden landscaped around a natural spring pond. This evening, indulge in a relaxing hot bath at an onsen resort in the onsen town of Hitoyoshi.

Breakfast / Lunch / 8-course Kaiseki Dinner

Day 4

Today, briefly tour around Barrel Valley PRAHA & GEN, which is an unexpected combination of a theme park dedicated to rice malt that are famously used when producing sake. The facility also comprises of a local beer brewery and shochu distillery that are open to visits. With a variety of products from Kagoshima’s specialties to local beers and shochu, you may wish to purchase some home. Slip back in time to the Edo period at Chiran Samurai Residence Garden, which consists of 7 beautifully landscaped gardens built in two different styles of Kare-sansui and Tsukiyama Sansui. Catch a glimpse of one of the world’s highly active volcanic island, Sakurajima, before you proceed to go on a shopping spree at Tenmonkan where you can stroll around the arcade lined with boutiques, gourmet food, and retail outlets at leisure.

Breakfast / Grilled Pork Set Lunch

Day 5

Start your day with a visit to Harajiri Waterfall, a beautiful horseshoe-shaped waterfall crowned as Japan’s 100 best waterfalls. A pathway leading below and a suspension bridge above the waterfall are available if you wish to experience the falling water up close. Shop to your heart’s content at Yufuin Shopping Street, the main shopping area of Yufuin lined with cafes, museums, restaurants, and shops selling different local products. Moreover, every corner of the area is Instagram-worthy as well. Thereafter, move on to Lake Kinrin-ko, a rather mysterious lake with both cold and hot springs welling up at its bottom before you wind down the day in a relaxing hot bath at an onsen resort in the city of Beppu.

Breakfast / Lunch / 8 Course Kaiseki Set Dinner

Day 6

After breakfast, experience a unique hot sand bath a Beppu onsen resort. On your journey back to Fukuoka, stop by Yame Traditional Craft Museum, learn the know-how and experience making washi, the traditional Japanese paper yourself.  Shopaholics will rejoice at the shopping opportunities at Tosu Premium Outlets and Tenjin Underground Shopping Centre – with over 100 outlets combined selling international brands, trendy items, and many more, you will definitely bag home at least a product that catches your eye!

Breakfast / Jigokumushi Steamed Lunch

Day 7

If time permits, you can do some last-minute shopping before you transfer to the airport for your flight home.

Meals On Board / Breakfast

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Day 1新加坡 - 福冈 - 佐贺 - 武雄



飞机餐 / 午餐

Day 2武雄-长崎



早餐 / 竹崎螃蟹午餐套餐

Day 3长崎 - 熊本 - 早鸟



早餐 / 午餐 / 怀石8道菜晚餐

Day 4人吉 – 鹿儿岛


今天,先游览Barrel Valley PRAHA & GEN,这个公园的主题出乎意料,是专门关于生产清酒需要的大米麦芽的。园内还设有啤酒厂和烧酒酒厂,可进去参观,各色鹿儿岛特产,例如当地啤酒和烧酒等等,您也不妨买一些带回家中。此后,前往知览武家屋敷,这里7座美丽的花园分别采用枯山水和筑山山水两种不同风格,让人好似坐上时光机,回到江户时代。此后,一睹高度活跃的火山岛樱岛的风采,然后前往天文馆周围的精品店和美食林立的商业街逛逛,疯狂购物。

早餐 / 烤豬肉午餐套餐

Day 5鹿儿岛 - 大分 - 别府



早餐 / 午餐 / 晚餐

Day 6别府 - 佐贺 - 福冈


早餐后,在别府温泉度假村体验独特的热沙浴。 在返回福冈的路上,学习制作日本传统纸张。此后前往鸟栖高级直销商城和天神地下购物中心,100多家店铺销售国际品牌、时尚单品等等,购物狂一定会欣喜若狂,在此绝对会至少买到一款令您喜爱不已的物件!

早餐 / 地狱蒸午餐

Day 7福冈 - 新加坡



飞机餐 / 早餐

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